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About Us

Elliel is an OTT streaming platform with fundraising solution where you can engage with the ART and the ARTIST behind the work. Elliel is innovating the virtual creative experience with content made by the people , for the people. Elliel is more than just a platform but rather a community of people coming together with one common vision!

We’re not giving you a recipe to follow; we’re just telling you what has worked for us. Our mission is to allow every artist to find their tribe here at Elliel. Rather than being a part of the change, we invite you to BE THE CHANGE!

People Helping People

Elliel is a OTT streaming platform with a mission of helping artists and content creators both change and engages with the world. Whether you are starting out on your artistic journey, or you are a seasoned artist, or you just simply enjoy watching and learning, Elliel has something to offer for every step of the creative process. Watch videos on demand of creators from around the world from feature films, behind the scenes, the making of, testimonials, stream live sessions, and much more.

Our hope from Elliel is that where will be risen thousands and millions of world changes who are using their God given gift to transform and benefit a whole society, in whatever gift and calling they operate in so they inspire positive change.

Elliel gives power in the hands of people rather than a majority of judges or selectors. We focus on supporting the independent artists, making new movies, documentaries, donating to charities, non-profits, that are support by the people. and for the people.

Elliel brings in the FIRST EVER, one of it’s kind fundraising OTT platform where YOU are the one who makes the difference.